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Making My Business More Profitable

Few things are more frustrating than staring at a bad balance on your company profit and loss statement. Unfortunately, I found myself in that exact situation a few years back. We were losing a lot of money, and I knew I needed to figure out what the problem was. Instead of ignoring the problem, I started investigating expenditures. I was able to narrow down the issue to our manufacturing department. I realized we were paying too much money on processing, so I did what I could to cut costs. The results were amazing, and it actually saved my company. Check out this blog for ideas on how to make your business more profitable.

What To Know About Structural Steel For Your Building Projects

Structural steel is one of the best metals that you can build with, which is why it finds use in so many different industries. If you're a construction project manager, real estate investor, builder, or other relevant professional, it's important that you begin searching for the materials that will help you make it all come together. In this piece, you will get to know more about structural steel, why it has a place in your project, and how you can stock up on all of the supplies that you need. Read More 

3 Important Factors When Choosing A Dimensional Inspection Lab

In today's manufacturing landscape, accuracy is vital to the success of any finished product. Major production facilities will often work with a dimensional inspection lab to ensure tight tolerance limits are met. Selecting the right lab can be a challenge, but there are some key factors you can keep in mind to help you choose a dimensional lab that will meet your company's needs. 1. Modern Equipment Technology is rapidly evolving. Read More 

Medical Device Manufacturers: Are Your Medical Devices Failing?

Medical devices, such as blood glucose monitors and blood pressure machines, play large roles in keeping patients safe and healthy. But if your medical devices fail to yield the results patients need to monitor their health, your company may fail as well. Learn how you can keep your medical devices from failing below.  Run Trials If you don't run or complete trials on your devices before you distribute them to patients or their doctors, consider doing it now. Read More 

How EDM Manufacturing Helps Improve The Way You Make Clock Gears

Many specialized machines – such as various types of clocks – need accurate gears to help them run. You craft these gears by hand and sell them at good prices but you've lost more than a few to chipping problems. As a result, you may want to consider EDM manufacturing as a way of minimizing chips. Chipping May Degrade Your Gear Metalworking Chips occur when you're metalworking due to a few different influences. Read More 

Building A New Home? Why You Need A Steel Foundation

The foundation of a home is hands down the most important part of the entire structure. When you build on a solid foundation you can rest assured that no matter what happens to the frame of the house you should have no problem being able to put the property back together again. If you're in the planning stages of building a residential structure, a steel foundation is the optimal choice. The information that follows will help you see why steel is the best material for your home's foundation. Read More